Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chemical Changes: Balloon and Vinegar

My first science unit was Matter.  One of our NGSS standards is conducting an experiment to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in a new substances.  I filled the balloon and attached to a bottle with vinegar.  They made observations on the liquid and the solid in the balloon.  They did not know what the substances were.  We shook the baking soda into the bottle and instantly the balloons filled with the gas, carbon dioxide.  My students could identify that it was a chemical change.

I love to watch the reactions on their faces!!!! This is one of my favorite labs of the year and so easy to set up.

 I had them fill out the lab sheet after we completed the experiment.
This is part of my Matter Unit available on TPT

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday 9/20

I am linking up with Forever in 5th Grades Monthly Linky Party called Show and Tell Tuesday.  
Here are a few things that I'd like Show and Tell!
Learning about the scientific method 
with a Gummy Bear Lab
 Working with Large Numbers
 using my Human Place Value
How can you keep a banana yellow longer?
Using science for a real problem
 We had a visit from Professor K.M. Istry!!!
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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gummy Bear Lab

What happens to gummy bears when put into different substances?

I love teaching science every day!!!

This week we put the scientific method into full swing.  The kids made observations, came up with many questions, wrote hypotheses for each substance, made observations and wrote their conclusions.
Here is a free recording sheet that I made for making observations and asking questions.
Link for free printable
If you want the flip book lab and sheets that I used for the lab and instructions,
please check out my tpt unit below.  It can be used with other grades.
Part of my lab flip book in unit above

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Picture the Scientist

Last week I had my students create a portrait of a scientists at home.  I had them display them on their desks and we walked about in my "Art Gallery."  No talking, just observing, looking at each piece of art.  When they saw each portrait they had to write something that was the same in most and something was different.
Some Similarities we had:

  • scientist in lab coat "normal scientist"
  • at a table
  • using chemicals and tools

Some Differences we had:
  • one was in the water
  • some male and female
  • some adults and kids
  • some in a lab and in classroom

We discussed the "stereotypical" scientist.  I had them sit and stand for several questions that I made up based on our ideas.  I was very happy to see many females this year, but many girls did draw males.

  • Is your scientist a male?
  • Is your scientist a female?
  • Is your scientist working in a lab?
  • Where is your scientist working if it is not a lab?
  • Is your scientist using chemicals?
  • If not, what is your scientist doing?

Link for free printable

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Setting Up for B2S Middle School Style

I moved from Elementary to Middle School two years ago.  This will be my third year in fifth grade.  I really love setting up my classroom but it is so much easier and less time consuming now.  Primary teachers go above and beyond!!!  Here are some things that I do to make it even easier.

Things that I do to get ready: (If you make a to do list before you go in it helps)
#1  Clean out closets and organize...purge
I quickly go through all my cabinets and drawers.  I am still weeding down my teaching materials, if it is not science or math related, I have been giving it away.   Last year, I saved photo copy boxes and when I finished a science unit I put it in a box and labeled it.  The copy boxes fit in my closet.

Take note of materials and what you may need as you organize.

#2 Name more labeling
I was obsessed with labels and then went to a number system in my elementary classroom.  No more!!!

I have two homeroom classes and found it hard to use numbers.  The only thing I label is their desk nameplates for the open door day.  I bought the $1.00 chart strips from Target.  The kids want to see who is in their class.  We have the kids bring their nameplates with them when we switch classes the first few weeks.  Fifth graders can write their name and label their own workbooks and notebooks!!!!  Our students share desks and they write their name on masking tape and put on inside. Buy extra sharpies!!!!  (Hint...laminate first.  If there is an error, write over sharpie with dry erase marker and it comes off!!!)

#3 Bulletin Boards..leave them up all year!!!!
There are fewer bulletin boards in Middle School.  I cover the boards in my classroom with fade less black paper and have not changed them since I moved.  I cover up over the summer.  I did update the middle board with a STEM section this year  Design boards that you don't have to keep changing.  It will save you time.

#4 Copy for First Week (3 days)...Keep it Simple
You will not get through everything you have planned.  I was looking at my plans from last year and there were so many extra things added like an assembly, school pictures, fire drill, school tour, etc.  The activities that you do plan take longer than you think.  It is good to have extra things, but it should be focused on starting curriculum, like setting up interactive notebooks, going over math practices, multiplication quiz, etc.  

Choose your B2S activities carefully.  I am doing a Math About Me Using Equations and a Fifth Grade News sheet.  I do have team building things planned as well.  (you don't want to repeat from other grades)  Start out slow and establish your routines and expectations!

#5 Planning
I like to create a pacing guide for my math and science units.  Luckily, our grade level team has created it together.  There is so much to teach and it keeps me on track.

#6 Furniture
I like my desks in groups.  We do a lot of group work in math and science.  I also want my desks facing the front board, because I use the projector for math and use many video clips.  I bought the supply carts from Target and have one for each group.  If they are not using supplies, they can be moved.  There is two extra shelves to store notebooks and anything else we need.  The carts are on wheels and can be moved.

I use a kidney table as my desk with cubbies for storage.  The teacher desk was taking up too much space and I was never at it.  I keep my lap top on a cart near the front board.  I use a student chair at the cart, because they teacher chair was cumbersome.

Have a great school year!!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Winner, Winner!!!

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Monday, August 22, 2016

TPT sale and Book Raffle

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I made many science units last year for the intermediate grades (3-5).  This is my first unit that I will be teaching.  My science units are full of vocabulary cards, posters, labs, projects, notebook pages, etc. Check out my other units in my store.  On sale for $5.60.
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